Nigerian Delicious Foods to Manage Cold weather

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Rainy season is often characterised by periods of unusual cold. When our body is exposed to this low temperature, the body begins to lose heat faster than it can produce. Prolonged exposure have been linked to body aches and worsening cases of fluand respiratory illnesses. The good news is that we can use few delicious foods to manage cold weather.

Hot Foods and peppered foods have proven to be so important that to the body during this period. Pepper contain capsaicin, a compound that likely accounts for many of their health benefits, including weight loss, pain relief, lower ulcer risk improved heart health which is associated with cold weather.

List of Foods to Manage Cold weather

Below are lists of easy to prepare foods to manage cold weather;

Agidi Paper Soup

This is a very popular food in Nigerian bars. The pepper soup can be of red meats, fish or chicken, together white agidi which is made from corn. Agidi and pepper soup combination is a great balanced diet filled with much nutrients. It is a perfect food to manage cold weather because of the peppery and hot nature of the pepper soup.

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Spiced kpomo

Another tasteful food to manage cold weather is spiced kpomo, which is a dish made with cow skin, locally known as Kpomo, Ponmo or Kanda, mixed with hot and spicy peppers. It is always available in many bars/ beer parlour where it is eaten with beer.

Though kpomo has been proven to have no nutritional value but in terms of managing cold, it is one the perfect foods to manage cold weather.

Hot Tea and Bread

Tea and bread seems to be the most popular breakfast choice . The tea also makes the body warmer and improves comfort and relaxation
Hot tea and bread is easy to prepare and believed by many to be a very healthy breakfast option.

Akamu/ Ogi/ Pap

Akamu is a popular food for toddlers and also for everyone in Nigeria. It is known as ogi in yoruba and pap in English, akamu is made from dried corn or maize.
Pap can be taken with bread, akara, Okpa, Moi-moi, fried yam and potatoes. It is a nutritional packed food and also good for cold weathers when hot.

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