Popular Nigerian Roadside Foods that May cause Cholera

Cholera is an acute diarrheal illness caused by ingestion of food or water contaminated with the bacterium Vibrio cholerae. Cholera commonly occurs and spread in places with inadequate water treatment, poor sanitation, and inadequate hygiene. This article will tell you about popular Nigerian roadside foods that may cause cholera.

Some Nigerian roadside foods may cause cholera if it’s not properly cooked to reache at least 75 ℃. A lot of Nigerians depend on roadside foods for survival which increases the risk of Cholera spread.

Lists of Roadside foods that may cause Cholera

The following list of foods popularly eaten in Nigerian streets exposes customers to cholera outbreak;


Abacha or African salad is a popular street food in Nigeria. Many eat Abacha because it is very easy to prepare with nutritious ingredients. But not being cooked is a reason not to eat abacha daily and also makes it a possible source for cholera spread.

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Barbecue Fish

Fish is a sea food, Eating raw or undercooked seafood, especially shellfish, that comes from certain places where good hygiene is not practiced can expose you to cholera bacteria. Barbecue fish made it to our list because most times it’s poorly cooked which gives room for the spread of cholera.


This has to be the most popular street food in Nigeria, it is seen in every state and almost every junction. Suya or tsire is traditional smoked spiced meat skewer which originates from Northern Nigeria. When the meat is washed with infected water, the smoking temperature may not be high enough to kill the bacteria. This makes suya a possible source for cholera spread.

Plantain and Beans and Bole

This is one the the popular roadside foods that may cause cholera because of poor hygiene. Bole or roasted plantain can be eaten with fish or mixed with beans and other ingredients including fresh vegetable leave.

During the plantain roasting, the touching of hands is not restricted to the vendor alone but even some customers would touch all the plantain being displayed before they settle for one. This unethical practice increases the risk of Cholera spread.

Roadside food sellers a.k.a Mama put

Selling food by the road side popularly known as mama put is a very famous business in many locality. This method of selling is also notorious for spread of food borne diseases, cholera inclusive. This is mainly because of the poor method of preparing the food and the dirty environment it is sold (sometimes even over roadside drainage), this can infect the food at the area of sales.

The meat is mostly not properly cooked and leaves the offending organisms active and infective. The vegetables can be poorly prepared and most times even raw and can harbor eggs of the organism which when ingested by consumers will lead to cholera

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