Natural Methods To Control Your Breast Size Without Surgery

Breast surgery is now very common in the society, this maybe due to the fact that many are ignorant of the natural methods of regulating the woman’s breast. Also some don’t believe its possible to control the size of the breast except through surgery.

The reason while a woman’s breasts grow to become large is caused due to many factors like obesity, genetic, hormonal changes, breastfeeding, a side effect of certain medication and pregnancy. Big sized breast is always a burden to the women because of discomforts and pains it cause them at the back, neck and shoulders. Some people are ashamed of big breast, making them to always go for cosmetic treatments like pills, creams and herbal supplement for reduction.

The interesting fact is that using the natural methods to control or maintain the size of the breast is cost effective and has little or no side effects. This natural method, allows the woman’s breast to still carry out the natural function of breast feeding a baby.

Natural Method To Reduce The Breast Size


Weight gain automatically increases the breast size, because of the added fat deposits. It is not new that constant exercise helps the body burn fat. While some exercises can make the breast appear larger, cardiovascular exercises and aerobic exercises such as cycling and stair climbing can improve body metabolism thereby shedding body fats, which reduces breast size and also tighten the muscles of the breast.


Your choice of diet is important as it directly affects weight gain. Fatty foods, junks, sugary foods and drinks etc, elevates the amount of fats in the body and as such, increases breast size.

Diets packed with fruits and vegetables are better choice, as they encourage weight loss. Some foods also enhance metabolism in the body such as;

  • Green tea
  • Ginger
  • Fish oil.

Including these into your daily foods help reduce breast size.

Neem And Tumeric Concoction

A concoction of neem and tumeric has been proven to reduce breast size, these maybe due to the anti-inflammatory properties they posses.

Take two cups of water and add neem leaves to it, Boil it for 10 minutes and strain the tea. Add in turmeric powder and honey. Drink this tea daily for 2-3months and you will see the result.

Egg White

Egg whites not only reduces the breast size but also returns elasticity to saggy breasts.

To prepare this, Beat two egg whites until they form a foam, and then apply it to your breasts. Leave the mask on for 30 minutes and then remove it with warm water or onion juice and water solution. As it begins to dry, you may notice a natural firming of your skin. However, this is temporary as the egg whites flake off or wash away.

Do this daily for a couple of weeks to obtain a better result.


Breast massage is very important as it helps check for lumps in the breast and also reduces the deposited fats in breast tissues. Using coconut oil or lotion for daily or weekly massage produces a great result.

In conclusion, each of the following natural remedies for breast reduction has significant effects or result, though better results are possible when you combine about 2-3 of the remedies.

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