Things To Know About Ini Edo’s Child Birth Through Surrogacy

Surrogacy is one of the ways couples who are not able to conceive naturally after failed multiple attempts can have their baby. Before considering surrogacy, it’s important to know what the law says as some places do not support it.

Iniobong Edo, popularly called Ini Edo and one of the legends in the Nigerian movie industry, was reported to have welcomed a baby girl through surrogacy in other to avoid “baby  daddy drama “.

Things You Should Know About Ini Edo’s Surrogacy Child Birth

There Are Two kinds Of surrogacy

When considering surrogacy, its important to know the terms involved and their likely meaning to fully claim the child.  

Traditional Surrogacy

In traditional surrogacy, a woman is artificially inseminated with the father’s sperm (or a donor sperm). She carries the baby to term and gives it to the couple, but is the biological mother of the child, as it was her egg that was fertilized.

Gestational Surrogacy

In gestational surrogacy, done through IVF, the mother’s eggs are collected and fertilized by the father’s sperm.
Then a fertilized embryo is then placed in the gestational surrogate’s uterus and she carries the baby to birth. In this case, the surrogate is not the biological mother, as it was not her egg that was fertilized.

Gestational Carrier

Gestational carrier is a person who is commissioned by a person or couple to carry a pregnancy. When the baby is born, the intended parents may be listed on the birth certificate. In this case, the intended parents (mother) is the biological mother since is genetically linked to the child unlike traditional surrogacy.

Surrogates are not genetically or legally related to the baby and are compensated for their time and service by the intended parents.

Gestational surrogacy intended parents can use a sperm and/or egg donor

Since gestational surrogacy involves fertilization process called IVF, where a sperm and egg are introduced in a laboratory settings, it is possible for the indented parents to bring in sperm and/ or egg donors to help. This process favors intended parents who may be infertile, same sex relationship and the process also gives them the choice of traits or characteristics.

Its Impossible For The Gestational Carrier To Keep The Baby

Some people are often fearful that the gestational carrier might “change her mind” and decide she wants to keep the child, the case is not the same here as surrogacy contracts and agreements are negotiated prior to the pregnancy. This always rule out the chances of the gestational carriers claiming the child.

A Surrogate Can Be A Friend Or Complete Stranger

Surrogates can be a family friend since some people believe everything about child bearing should be and happen within the family. it can also be a stranger not know to the intended parents in as much as they agree to do the work and are compensated.

Surrogates Requirements

One of the top requirements in other to become a surrogate or gestational carrier is that they’ve had a baby before.

Also any women applying to be surrogates, gestational or traditional, must be up to 21years.

Contracts Are Involved

Because the processes of surrogacy can be complicated and criminalizing, its important to back it up with contract properly signed by the both parties the Surrogate Mother and the Commissioner  or intended parents.

Many legal and medical writers agree that there is no legal framework for surrogacy in Nigeria but some argue that surrogacy is not criminal in Nigeria, so therefore, the best way to play safe could be to have the contract signed.

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