Soot Causing Infertility In Men Residing In River State

Research has shown that male fertility can be reduced by air pollution. People that live close to industries, chimneys, power plants and incinerators are at the risk of having sperm structural or motility problems.

Port-harcort the capital city of Rivers State has attracted much population from every angle of the country due to its high number of industries and business opportunities. Research on the consequences of the industries on the masses was carried out. One of the remarkable findings that was seen is the effect of soot on male infertility.

Soot And Male Infertility

During the ‘Stop The Soot’ Conference, organised by the Rotary Club of Port Harcourt Eco, a public health expert, Dr. Dienye Briggs, has raised the alarm over the rise in infertility in men residing in Port Harcourt, the Rivers State capital due to high concentration of soot in the city’s atmosphere.

He stated that the research showed that there were structural abnormally in the sperm cells of the majority of men living in Port Harcourt due to the soot particles in the atmosphere.

The public health expert, who spoke on the the topic: “Port Harcourt Soot and Its Implications”, confirmed that soot can cause infertility in men

Briggs said: “A research done at the UPTH found out that majority of the males in Port Harcourt have structural abnormally, of course in their sperm cells. Of course, sperm is very much indicated in pregnancy.

It is the sperm that will fertilise the egg in a woman to bring about pregnancy. If they are structurally abnormal, it means they lack the capacity to fertilise an egg. That means they cannot procreate.”

He stated that unborn children now suffer the consequences of the air pollution, calling for an end to the it because of its implications on the health of residents of the Niger Delta region.

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