Simple Balanced Diet for Breakfast in Nigeria

Eating breakfast in the morning is as important as the whole day, if you want to have a productive day. This brings us to outlining the simple balanced diet for breakfast in Nigeria. Nutritionists will always advice their clients to eat well (often referred to eating like a king) in the morning so as to enable the entire body systems function optimally.

Studies have shown the benefits associated with eating breakfast, as it is the most important meal to eat. Just as the name implies, it breaks the overnight fasting period, replenishes your supply of glucose to boost your energy levels and alertness. It is also rich in other essential nutrients the body requires.

Importance of Breakfast to the Body

The following are the importance of eating breakfast to the body;

  • Provides the body the required energy for the day’s activities
  • A source of essential vitamins, minerals and other nutrients
  • Very useful in weight management
  • Breakfast boost brainpower and performance
  • Eating breakfast helps you make better food choices
  • A healthy breakfast may reduce the risk of illness

List Of simple balanced diet for breakfast in Nigeria

Akara and Bread

Akara and bread popullarly referred to as A&B, is a simple and easy to prepare food that can be use as breakfast. Akara is bean cake made from grinded beans, fried after mixing it with ingredients such as onions, pepper, salt, Maggi etc. It is highly proteinous and can be eaten with so many other foods like; pap, bread, cereals or beverages etc.

Eating akara with bread seems to be the most popular combo, and the two can be used to make toast known as Akara bread toast.

Bread and Tea

The most common simple breakfast options seems to be bread and tea, as it is easy and fast to make. It can also be eaten alongside with butter, egg or margarine.

One good benefit of bread is that it contains important vitamins and minerals including B group vitamins Niacin (B3), thiamine (B1), which are important for releasing energy from food we eat and maintains healthy skin, eyes and nails.

Noodles and Egg

Mostly available in students area or rooms is noodles and Egg combo for breakfast. It is very fast to prepare also and delicious when prepared well.

Most noodles are low in calories, protein and fibre but with the help of fried or boiled egg, protein is agumented. Noodles are also very nutritious for being high in fat, carbohydrates, sodium and other micronutrients. Additional ingredients like carrots, green beans, onions, vegetables, cucumber etc can be added to improve or balance the diet.

Moi-moi and custard

Moi-moi is a local delicacy made from grinded beans. It is a very good choice for breakfast because it gives you the sense of fullness for long which helps in weight management.

Custard on the other hand, is made from sweetened milk, cheese, or cream cooked with egg or egg yolk to thicken it, and sometimes also flour, corn starch, or gelatin. It can vary depending on the recipe and desired taste. Together, Moi-moi and custard form a good choice of simple balanced diet for breakfast in Nigeria.


Another common option for simple balanced diet for breakfast in Nigeria especially students is cereals, which could be; Nestlé Golden Morn, Quaker Oats, Kellogg’s Corn Flakes, Nestlé Milo Cereal, Nasco, Kellogg’s Coco Pops, Weetabix etc with beverages.

Cereals are very easy and fast to prepare, and have the following benefits;

  • They are very high in dietary fibre
  • Low in fat and cholesterol
  • Improves daily milk intake since most are consumed with milk
  • Rich in some important micronutrients like B vitamins, folate, calcium, iron, magnesium, and zinc

Fried Plantains and Egg

Fried plantains and egg combo is another simple balanced diet for breakfast in Nigeria even though it’s is not common. But the taste and the feeling after eating it will make you to try it often. Preparing fried plantains and egg can be done within few minutes and happens to be very nutritious.

Plantain is a carb-rich food and also a good source of fiber, vitamins, and minerals. They support the immune system, cardiovascular risk and improve mood due to vitamin C and B6 content.

Beans and bread

This bread and beans combo is also known as Ewa Agoyin. It is very common in the western part of Nigeria and the choice of breakfast for the majority of the common masses. Ewa Agoyin is a combination of very soft mashed up beans and a spicy pepper sauce. Which can be eaten with bread,plantain, fish,yam or eaten alone.

Eating a plate of Ewa Agoyin in the morning can keep you full all day, reason while the hustling population go for it in the morning. It also has a delicious taste.

Okpa and Pap

This is another simple balanced diet for breakfast in Nigeria. Okpa is made from Barbara beans which has been proven to be very nutritious and delicious to taste. This breakfast combo is very easy to prepare.

Eating okpa and pap for breakfast has so many benefits attached because of it’s role in weight management.

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