How to use Zobo Drink as an Emergency Contraceptive

Zobo drink also known as Hibiscus tea, karkade or sour tea is enjoyed by a large population in Nigeria due to its nutritional content and great taste. So many people always chose their homemade ones over the ones sold by hawkers in plastic can because of poor hygiene.

The health benefits of the zobo drink has long been established, the same with some of the dangers associated with excessive intake and the dangers when a pregnant or nursing mother consumes it.

Can Zobo drink serve as an Emergency Contraceptive ?

The use of contraceptive has numerous health benefits such as preventing unplanned pregnancies, ensuring optimum spacing between births, reducing maternal and child mortality, and improving the lives of women and children in general.
The actions of zobo drink in the female hormonal system has proven it can be used as an emergency contraception

How to use Zobo drink as an Emergency Contraceptive

Long before now, the zobo drink has been used by the Indians to prevent pregnancy, taking about 2-3 cups a day which is approximately 70cl after sex for one week.This reduces the chances of survival the zygote has, because it changes the female hormonal system.

It is also advised that pregnant women should abstain from drinking it as it causes abortion or leads to miscarriage.
Because of this, it is important not to combine hibiscus tea if you are taking birth control pill or if you are trying to get pregnant or you are breastfeeding. 

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What Are the Benefits Of Zobo Tea?

Zobo drink Side Effects

Though it boasts of many good benefits, there are still some dangers associated with excessive intake of zobo drink. They includes;

Who should not drink Zobo?

The following categories of people are advised to abstain from drinking excessive zobo tea because of the side effects it may have in them. They are;

  • Pregnant women
  • Lactating Mothers
  • People having low blood pressure
  • Drivers and people operating heavy machinery
  • People taking anti inflammatory drugs or medicines containing Acetaminophen such as Actifed, some cold and cough medicines containing codeine and pain killers.

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